MUNCIE 912 TEA PARTY LOGO 1The Muncie 912 Tea Party in Delaware County, Indiana is a local group of citizens that is concerned with the current fiscal policies of the Federal Government. We believe in individual LIBERTY, a free market, and a constitutionally LIMITED Federal Government.


”  T A X E D   E N O U G H    A L R E A D Y “


• The major emphasis for the Muncie 9.12 Tea Party is to address through education of ourselves and others the major issues regarding government control of almost every aspect of our lives and eliminating freedoms guaranteed to every American through our Constitution.

• We seek to insure government is limited, fiscally responsible, and accountable to us.

• We uphold strongly the free-market system, the protection of our borders, and enforcement of immigration laws.

• We promote elimination of the current tax system, replacing it with either the flat tax, the fair tax or another form of simplification and fairness.

• We advance the cause of shrinking government by eliminating departments which are unconstitutional (i.e. Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency) and streamlining the federal and state governments.

• It is our goal to provide opportunities to meet candidates for public office in order that we might know them personally, remind them of their oath of office, challenge them to restore governance by the consent of the governed and to the states, and to hold officials accountable once they are elected.

• Our position would embrace term limits for elected positions and encourage returning to a system of citizen legislators who would be more in touch with we the people.

• We strongly encourage active participation in the political process by citizens and taxpayers at the local, state and federal levels.  Activities such as seeking public office, supporting candidates, or attending governmental meetings to make our voices heard in our city, county, state and country are a priority.

• We work to guarantee that all government entities work within the confines of the limited powers entrusted to them under the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitutions of the individual states.

• Promotion of every American’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is paramount and we firmly acknowledge that our rights are given to us by God and not by government.  We challenge every governmental entity which would infringe upon these rights, particularly the courts who are legislating from the bench rather than enforcing the United States Constitution.

• We will firmly and strongly challenge and oppose any attempt by any entity to diminish our God-given rights and freedoms in any way.

• As a group, although we do not endorse candidates we do promote those of integrity who are intent on honoring their Oath of Office and are totally pledged to protecting the Constitution of the United States.

• Individually, we encourage active participation at all levels of government and support of the candidates of our choice with our abilities, time, talents, and finances to return control of all  government entities to bottom-up governance.

• We proudly and loudly proclaim that AMERICA, her government as created by her founding fathers and her citizens are “EXCEPTIONAL” and we stand strong and firm in the battle for her restoration.

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